Our Big Kitchen Los Angeles (OBKLA) – Help Raise $180,000 in 36 Hours


OBKLA is Here to Serve!

Join Our Big Kitchen Los Angeles
Tuesday June 29 at 9am
and help raise

$180,000 in 36 hours!

You can partner with us to feed people in need.

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Our Big Kitchen Los Angeles (OBKLA) has established itself as a unique nonprofit committed to fighting hunger. As a community-run, non-denominational, industrial Kosher kitchen initiative, this organization has perfected and even streamlined the art of giving.

Volunteers arrive to prepare meals for distribution to people in need across L.A. They start out as strangers with name tags, but quickly discover that in joining others to provide sustenance for people in need, they feel deeply nourished as well. “It’s nice to see people from different walks of life coming together and preparing those meals for people in need.” Adam R. Volunteer

At OBKLA, you’ll find people from all walks of life engaged in the mission. The nature of the work in this judgement-free space forges strong connections between the volunteers: people naturally bond with each other around food and community. Two hours and 240 meals later, the volunteers are leaving OBKLA with plans to come back for another cooking session together. They make new friends; they have community; they give back. As one volunteer put it: “From the moment that I walked into OBKLA, it was love at first sight. I just knew that I had to be part of this organization.”

OBKLA knows connection.

OBKLA builds relationships.

OBKLA combats hunger by providing meals, love, unity and community.

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Learn more about OBKLA – check out www.obkla.org

t: (424) 354-8841

e: info@obkla.org 

i: www.instagram.com/obklosangeles #OBKLA #OurBigKitchen #HereToServe




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