Parsha Terumah- Valley Eruv is UP


The Valley Eruv Society is pleased to announce that as of this now (4:02 p.m.), and after an entire week of hard work, the Valley Eruv has been declared completely FUNCTIONAL for this Shabbos.

All this can happens with the special and great dedication of our Valley Eruv Society staff, volunteers, and vendors:
First and Foremost – Our Rav HaMachshir, Rabbi E. Eidlitz ,Valley Eruv Supervisor – Reb Tzali Wachsman, Valley Eruv Inspector – Rabbi Hillel Adler ,Our vendor, Bob, at Reflex Signs.  Our conduits to the greater community: Noah Weisman, Eliana Blumenstein, Kendra Fuchs & Shmuel Ross for their dedication. To the constant service to the Valley Eruv, its board of directors. And, Yisroel Blumenstein, Valley Eruv president.

We have again made sure that the Valley Eruv is functional for Shabbos. Enjoy the Valley Eruv’s very difficult week of completing the long list of upgrades and improvements to our Valley Eruv which cost us thousands of dollars.

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With winter here, please make sure to send in your donation so we are able to do the necessary repairs in case of any damage.


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