Home Financial Literacy Phyllis Shallman – Expenses To Expect When You Are Expecting

Phyllis Shallman – Expenses To Expect When You Are Expecting

Phyllis Shallman – Expenses To Expect When You Are Expecting

You’re expecting? Congratulations!

As you’re probably aware by now, growing a baby comes with serious financial responsibility. Here are a few expenses to anticipate and start planning for as soon as possible!

Prenatal care costs.

Keeping both the mother and baby healthy throughout the pregnancy is a top priority. That means regular checkups and ultrasounds to make sure everything is progressing safely and normally.

Investigate what’s covered and what you’re expected to pay for beforehand. Health insurance policies will often cover prenatal care, but it’s best to find out what your expenses will be ahead of time.

Maternity clothes.

Pregnancy requires a wardrobe overhaul for women that, on average, costs about $500.¹ Fortunately, there are commonsense strategies to cut back on this expense. Check local thrift stores for maternity options, and even consider buying flowy dresses or tops that are a size–or three–larger than your normal size. Also, ask family members if you can borrow their spare maternity clothes. Try to avoid designer maternity clothes which can come with a hefty price tag.

Delivery expenses.

The cost of giving birth varies greatly—hospital costs can reach $15,000 depending on your state and health insurance coverage.² Again, it’s critical to consult with your healthcare and insurance providers to see what you’ll be expected to cover. The earlier you discover this information, the better—it gives you time to start saving for the hospital bill!

Budgeting for doctor visits, the delivery, and the hospital stay positions you to cover those expenses without having to borrow money. And that means you can provide your child a financially stable environment in which to grow, without the stress caused by unexpected medical expenses.

² “What It Costs to Have a Baby,” Heather Hatfield, WebMDhttps://www.webmd.com/baby/features/cost-of-having-a-baby#1


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