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Phyllis Shallman – Securing the Financial Future of Your Loved Ones

Phyllis Shallman – Securing the Financial Future of Your Loved Ones
Life insurance – a topic that often leads to a labyrinth of questions, concerns, and misconceptions.

Yet, this misunderstood financial tool holds the potential to secure the future of your loved ones and guarantee peace of mind. As we shine a spotlight on this crucial subject during Life Insurance Awareness Month, we invite you to join us in breaking down barriers, busting myths, and shedding light on statistics that underline the importance of life insurance. This article delves into the numerous facets of life insurance, from addressing coverage gaps and protection voids to exploring the lasting impact of charitable gestures. We aim to transform your understanding of life insurance, empowering you and your family to secure a future filled with financial stability and certainty.

Income Replacement for Loved Ones:

When you’re the primary earner, the financial stability of your loved ones hinges on your income. Life insurance ensures that, in your absence, their financial needs are met. This is paramount for families with young children, but it also holds true for couples, where the loss of one income could spell financial distress. Additionally, adults, be they parents, siblings, or grown-up children, who lean on you financially, would find solace in this safety net. This provision becomes all the more crucial if your family’s government or employer-related benefits diminish after your passing.

Covering End-of-Life Expenses:

Beyond the emotional turmoil, the end of life also brings significant financial expenditures—funeral arrangements, burial costs, unpaid medical bills, and estate administration expenses. Life insurance ensures these costs don’t burden your grieving loved ones.

Establishing a Legacy:

A life insurance policy can be your legacy. Even if you don’t possess substantial assets, naming your heirs as beneficiaries ensures they receive a considerable inheritance, creating a lasting financial footprint.

Addressing Estate Taxes:

Inheritance can come with a significant tax burden. Life insurance benefits can shoulder these estate or “death” taxes, safeguarding your heirs from having to downsize their inheritance. While federal “death” tax regulations are evolving, it’s noteworthy that some states are compensating with their adjustments to estate tax protocols.

Charitable Gestures with Lasting Impact:

Elevate your charitable inclinations by designating a charity as your life insurance beneficiary. This act transforms your policy premiums into a generous contribution, amplifying the impact of your generosity.

A Reinforced Savings Strategy:

Some life insurance policies come with a cash value component. If not claimed as a death benefit, this can be accessed as a loan or withdrawal. This not only encourages a disciplined savings habit but also offers the advantage of tax-deferred growth. If this amount becomes part of a death claim, it’s tax-exempt, maximizing benefits for your beneficiaries.

Life insurance is more than just a policy; it promises financial security, legacy preservation, and peace of mind. Invest wisely today to ensure your loved ones are cushioned against the unforeseeable tomorrows.

Coverage Gap: According to LIMRA (Life Insurance and Market Research Association), about 60% of all people in the U.S. are covered by life insurance. However, many insured are underinsured, meaning they might not have enough coverage to meet their beneficiaries’ needs upon death.

Protection Void: As per LIMRA’s research, nearly 50% of U.S. households said they would need more life insurance within the next year, highlighting the need for increased coverage.

Immediate Concerns: A study found that 35% of households would feel the financial impact within one month if the primary wage earner died.

Future Prospects: The younger generation isn’t as covered as they should be. A recent LIMRA study found that only about 54% of millennials own life insurance despite many having families.

Overestimation: According to LIMRA and Life Happens, over half of millennials overestimate the cost of a term life insurance policy. This overestimation is a significant barrier to them obtaining coverage.

Employer Coverage Misconception: Many people believe that their employers’ life insurance is sufficient. However, employer-provided life insurance often only covers 1-2 years of an employee’s salary, which might not be adequate for a family’s long-term needs.

Reasons for No Insurance: According to a survey by the Insurance Information Institute, about 44% of respondents said they don’t have life insurance because it’s too expensive. In comparison, 43% felt they had other financial priorities.

The Earlier, The Cheaper: Premiums for life insurance policies are typically lower the younger and healthier you are when you first buy.

Funeral Costs: The National Funeral Directors Association cites that the median cost of a funeral with a viewing and burial was over $7,848, not including the cemetery, monument, or marker costs. Life insurance can help cover these immediate post-death expenses. https://nfda.org/news/statistics

College Expenses: For parents, a life insurance policy can also ensure that their children’s education is funded. In 2022-23, the College Board estimates that the average annual cost (tuition, fees, room and board with allowances for books) for a private four-year college was $57,570 for full-time undergraduate students, the future financial burden can be substantial. https://research.collegeboard.org/media/pdf/trends-in-college-pricing-student-aid-2022.pdf

Life Insurance Awareness

As we commemorate each September as Life Insurance Awareness Month, we’re confronted with some alarming statistics that underscore a pervasive gap in both preparedness and comprehension. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that awareness isn’t just an acknowledgment of these challenges; it’s the first, transformative step towards empowerment.

The statistics do not merely present numbers; they unravel stories of families and individuals caught in the crosshairs of unforeseen circumstances, often unprepared. Yet, in the face of these challenges, this month is a beacon of hope. Awareness is the first step on the path to empowerment. With the proper knowledge and proactive measures, we can transform uncertainties into certainties, ensuring our loved ones remain shielded from life’s unpredictabilities. Let this month be a reminder and a call to action, prompting each of us to prioritize protection and secure a future filled with promise and peace of mind.

By shining a light on these issues, we’re not only highlighting the areas that need attention but also paving the way for informed decisions, proactive planning, and a secure future. Let September catalyze change, prompting individuals to take the reins of their financial destinies and ensure that their loved ones are shielded from unforeseen circumstances.


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