Pittsburgher Rebbe Visits Ohr Eliyahu


Pittsburgher Rebbe Shlita from Eretz Yisrael Visits Ohr Eliyahu

On Erev Lag’BOmer Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyahu, Los Angeles, was fortunate to have the Pittsburgher Rebbe Shlita from Eretz Yisrael speak to its boys division.

The Pittsburgher Rebbe emphasized how important it is to recognize the vitality of Torah taught to us by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and to keep that vitality in all of our learning.

The Rebbe praised the Menahel Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg, for instituting the Mini Miracles program at Ohr Eliyahu, as well as the boys for their ongoing participation of the program, where they strive every week to recognize the mini miracles that Hashem did for them that week. The rebbe said he is trying to make this an international program of yeshivas throughout the world, including his yeshiva in Ashdod.

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