PM Bennett Flies to NY for UN GA: “We Do Not Define Ourselves According to Others.”

Photo by Avi Ohayon/GPO on 26 September, 2021
By Gil Tanenbaum/TPS • 26 September, 2021

Jerusalem, 26 September, 2021 (TPS) — Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister of Israel, spoke with the press before leaving for the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

While on route, he commented on the killing and capture of a number of Hamas terrorists last night by Israeli security forces. At least four were killed and another four were arrested Saturday night during the IDF’s multi-pronged counter-terrorism operation at several locations in Judea and Samara.

“The security forces took action overnight in Judea and Samaria against Hamas terrorists who were about to carry out terrorist attacks in real-time,” said Bennett. “The soldiers and commanders in the field acted as expected; they engaged the enemy and we back them completely.”

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On his departure, Bennett told the press that speaking before the U.N., “is an important international stage and I am very pleased for the opportunity to bring the voice of Israel, of Israelis, to this important stage. This will be an opportunity to tell our story, about Israel’s place in the world and about the special spirit of Israelis and our contribution to the world.”

On the American Congress’ vote to authorize the continued funding of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, he said, “Recently there have been several important moments, especially the sweeping victory in the vote in the US House of Representatives. At the moment of truth, we saw the representatives of the American people overwhelmingly support Israel, 420 to 9, in the vote on rearming Iron Dome. There is a small anti-Israeli group that makes a lot of noise but these people failed.”

Bennett was referring to a small group of American Congressional representatives who had been highly vocal in their opposition to continued aid to Israel.

‘We do not define ourselves according to others, not according to Iran and not the Palestinians,” he added. “I suggest that their leaders deal with their people, in improving their situation, and stop this obsession with the State of Israel.”


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