Police Foil Attempted J’lem Terror Attack


Police Foil Attempted J’lem Terror Attack

Written by TPS on July 04, 2017

Police foiled an attempted terrorist attack Tuesday afternoon when six Palestinians stopped at a checkpoint on the southeastern outskirts of Jerusalem were found to be in possession of bag containing knives, stun grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Border police officers at the Mizmoria Checkpoint outside Jerusalem’s Har Homa neighborhood when they noticed that the back and front license plates on the suspects’ car did not match.

The officers stopped the vehicle and instructed the six men to get out of the car. All were Palestinians, none of whom were carrying identity cards or permits to enter Israel. The vehicle was later found not to have a valid license.

The crossing was closed and a bomb disposal expert was called to the area while the suspects were transferred to a Border Police station for questioning. Police said the suspects were headed to Jerusalem to carry out a terror attack.

“The units prevented an attack that could have had grave consequences from taking place and police and border police operations continue in all areas,” a police spokesman said.

In February of last year, a man was shot dead at the Mizmoria Checkpoint as he charged at officers with a knife.

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