Police officers foil another stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City

Officers at the scene (Photo: TPS/ Daniel Gilo)

Police officers foil another stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City

The terrorist, who tried to stab a police officer on Friday, was killed by the police; A policewoman is suffering from anxiety as a result; Last week, police officers arrested a 26-year-old terrorist from Hebron after he tried to stab civilians in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Yishai Porat  |   Last update:  08.17.18 , 18:50


According to the police, a terrorist tried to stab a policeman in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday. The attack took place at HaGai Street, near the Damascus Gate. The assailant was was shot and killed by policemen. No one was hurt by the stabbing, except for a policewoman who is suffering from anxiety.

Following the attack, The police issued a statement saying that “a suspicious person arrived at a police station in the Old City and apparently tried to stab one of the policemen. The terrorist was neutralized by police officers.”

Last week, police officers foiled another stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City. The officers arrested a 26-year-old Palestinian from Hebron who planned to stab Israeli civilians or security forces in the city.

The Palestinian aroused the officers’ suspicion and they detained him for questioning. During a search, police found a knife and a tear gas canister in his possession.

His remand was extended by five days to allow police to complete the investigation.
Security in Jerusalem’s Old City (Photo: Yoav Davidkovich)

“There’s no doubt the arrest of the suspect and revealing his intentions prevented an attempt to carry out an attack in the Jerusalem area, the results of which could’ve been serious,” the police said.

“The efforts to locate, prevent and thwart attempts by attackers and terror organizations to carry out terror attacks continue at all times in the Jerusalem area and in the nearby crossings,” police added.

Source: YNET News


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