Policeman Stabbed on Hanavi’im Street in Jerusalem: Terrorist Neutralized


Policeman Stabbed on Hanavi’im Street in Jerusalem: Terrorist Neutralized

Written by Alexander J. Apfel/TPS on December 03, 2015

Israel was hit yet again on Thursday, December 3 when Israeli  paramedics received reports at 5:22PM of a man who had been stabbed on Hanavi’im Street in Jerusalem close to the Damascus Gate.

The terrorist, a 21-year-old resident of Tulkarm in Judea and Samaria, approached a police vehicle and suddenly produced a knife with which he proceeded to stab the policeman sitting inside. The policeman, having received stab wounds in his hand, attempted to restrain the terrorist who was shot by the policeman’s shift partner.

A Jerusalem Police spokesperson praised the reaction of the attacked policeman: “The swift and decisive response of the policeman in the car and his fellow police officer prevented a more serious attack on the policeman and an attack on more innocent people. The police prove time and again that their presence constitutes a critical shield for civilians. I praise the work of the paramedics who provided first aid assistance to the policeman.”

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According to a MADA spokesperson, paramedics provided first aid treatment to the 35-year-old victim, and evacuated him to Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital in moderate condition with wounds to his limbs but fully conscious.

It subsequently became apparent that the policeman had been inadvertently shot in the ankle, most likely as a result of friendly fire.

Prior to MADA’s arrival, United Hatzalah , a voluntary mobile medical team, provided initial treatment to the stabbed policeman. Head of the Jerusalem branch, Nahum Berenstein, said that “within seconds we received the report and a number of volunteers arrived on their motorbikes. When I arrived at the scene, the stabbed victim was conscious and we provided first aid after which he was transferred to hospital.”

Brenstein further expressed his regret that this kind of occurrence has already become familiar due to the many attacks which have plagued Israel in the last two months.

The attack is the second attempt of the day. Earlier  at around 11:00 at the Hizma checkpoint, northeast of Jerusalem, in the process of a car inspection  an IDF soldier was interrupted by the driver who alighted his vehicle with a gun and fired rounds at the inspecting soldier.

The terrorist, identified by Palestinian sources as Mazen Hasan Ariba from Abu Dis, a Palestinian Authority security officer, was shot and killed on the spot.

An Israeli soldier was very lightly wounded in the attack. An Israeli Arab man, aged about 47, was seriously wounded from the terrorist’s gunshots and was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.

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