Policewoman Punches Chareidi Protester Repeatedly In Face; Policeman Imitates George Floyd Arrest

Road 4 outside Bnei Btak blocked due to protests. (VIN News).

BNEI BRAK (VINnews) — During a protest Sunday by the Jerusalem Faction over the arrest of a draft dodger yeshiva student, a policewoman was seen punching a Chareidi protester repeatedly in the face during the course of his arrest.


The demonstration also saw a policeman crushing his knee into the neck of a Chareidi demonstrator in an imitation of the George Floyd arrest


Chareidi leaders complained that police brutality and extreme measures seem to be centered on Chareidi and right-wing protests. They say that protesters against Prime Minister Netanyahu do not suffer violence, water cannon or other measures despite that fact that they too disrupt traffic and cause significant public disorder.

(Vosizneias – VIN News).

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