Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers address on Iran at Simon Wiesenthal Center


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses diplomats, leaders in the business, entertainment and Los Angeles Jewish community at the Museum of Tolerance.

“If there is something I can say here at the Museum of Tolerance, is that we cannot be tolerant to the intolerant,”   —  Prime Minister Netanyahu

Read excerpts of his speech below:

“The [Hitler] letter I was shown a few minutes ago (pictured at the end of the article), a letter of intent to liquidate the Jewish people was stated clearly … it wasn’t believed, it was discounted as ranting for internal consumption … it turned out to be very different.”

“We have paid a terrible price that the powers of the world did not head that warning nor did they act on it.”

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“Today we are in a different situation because we have a Jewish State, we have someone to act on behalf of the Jewish people it is our responsibility to defend.”

“I think it is outrageous that 70 years after the Holocaust this [calling for the annihilation of the Jewish State] could be accepted with virtual silence.”

“When somebody says that they are going to annihilate you, you take them seriously and prepare, and warn, and make an issue of it.”

“The mere statement, this brazen approach, that one can call for the liquidation of the Jewish State and people don’t get excited about it, means that goal entrenches and re-entrenches in the minds of the fanatics and they think they think can get away with it.”

“We need to expose their deception. While they say that in Tehran and while they say that they are putting on the smiling faces, but internally where it counts, they continue to talk about the liquidation of the Jewish State and they continue to act for the liquidation of the Jewish State”

“While they are building weapons of mass destruction and atomic bombs to carry out their designs, they are also sending other weapons of destruction that they are doing in a clandestine way.”

“We just caught a ship Iran was trying to sneak into the Sudan loaded with dozens of lethal missiles, the kind that Hamas does not have. This was to go up the Nile Valley into the Sinai and up into Gaza – we found it. It’s an Iranian ship and now the government of Iran is saying it’s all lies. Well, that ship will get to Eilat in a few days and we shall see who is lying.”

“We shall expose what Iran is really doing, building the weapons of mass death and dispatching the weapons of immediate death right now to the worst terrorist groups in the world…that’s the truth we are facing with Iran.”

“If there is something I can say here at the Museum of Tolerance, is that we cannot be tolerant to the intolerant.”

“These people are out to destroy a section of humanity called the Jewish people. We will not let them, we will expose, and we shall fight them, and we shall beat them”


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