Project Claims 149 Shidduchim


A project launched by Shlucha Faygie Herzog of California helped create 149 shidduchim in Chabad and is now expanding.

By COLlive reporter

Chabad’s first worldwide social networking group for Shidduchim continues to grow, as it connects Chabad families across the globe.

“Rabbi Gordon’s Shidduchim” is already credited with having a hand in creating 149 Shidduchim that have either directly emanated from, or are associated with, the network of groups.

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The project was launched 2 and a half years ago by Shlucha Faygie Herzog, in memory of her father, the legendary Shliach of Chabad of the Valley, Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon obm.

The network has recently expanded to include a Shidduchim group number 4, for Chabad families or friends of singles looking to find a Shidduch for young men and women searching for the right path, and want to meet someone with the same background.

The new group is in addition to groups for Shidduchim for ages 19-27, ages 27- 36 and ages 40 plus.

The success of the group is attributed to its simplicity and relative privacy. Mothers or female Shadchanim post a picture and a short profile which is only made available to members of the group.

For Herzog, moderating and maintaining the groups have become more than a full-time job, it’s become a mission.

Herzog has turned the platform into a support group for the many mothers dealing with navigating the difficult journey of Shidduchim.

“As the moderator, I am here for our members,” Herzog says. “I send out videos with words of inspiration, offer help, support and unconditional love, and coach many people,” she says.

Herzog says her mission has truly “turned pain into triumph and tragedy into joy,” and she personally rejoices with each match that is made through her efforts.

“I truly love what I’m doing and I would love to continue to make shidduchim with tons of love and support,” Herzog says.

“The main thing is ‘thinking big,’ like my father taught me, and not becoming a victim – working on becoming a victor – no matter what Hashem tests us with,” she says.

For further information on joining Rabbi Gordon’s Shidduchim, text or contact Faygie at 818 401 3620.




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