Public Prayer At Machpela Cave For President Trump’s Success

Front view of the Ma'arat Hamachpela. (Photo: Hebron Fund).

The leaders of Judea and Samaria’s local authorities have decided to conduct a special public prayer at the Machpela cave in Hevron Monday to pray for the reelection of President Trump in Tuesday’s election.

Hevron regional council head Yochai Damari said that “this week elections will take place in the USA which will have a significant influence on the future of the state of Israel. We owe a debt of gratitude to President Trump for four good years and for his support of the state of Israel, the land of Israel and the settlement enterprise.

“The polls are close and we are gathering to pray at the Machpela cave for his success,” Damari added, stating that “during his period as president, the state of Israel and the settlement enterprise received an unprecedented backwind.” The local council leaders will be joined by the CEO of the Republican party in Israel, Mark Zell.

The prayers will take place 10:30 Monday morning at the cave of Machpela.




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