Qatar Hands Out $10 Million To 100,000 Gaza Families


August 25, 2019 6:45 pm

Gaza banks disbursed $10 million in Qatari cash to 100,000 families in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Qatar on Sunday.

The funds are part of an agreement brokered by Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations in an attempt to calm the recent flare-up in violence between Hamas and Israel, including multiple attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into Israeli territory.

In recent years, Qatar has sent more than $1 billion dollars into the coastal enclave.

Hamas has claimed the infiltration attempts were carried out without its knowledge.

“Both sides are committed (to the truce) and they have no war intentions at all,” Qatari envoy to Gaza Mohammed al-Emadi told Reuters on Saturday during a visit to Gaza. “Both sides have no war intentions but there is a lack of money and the humanitarian situation is bad. Should people feel financially at ease, the ghost of war will be totally removed.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who faces an election in September, has been accused by his political opponents of weakness in the face of Hamas provocations.

Netanyahu said last week that preparations were under way for a “forceful military strike against Hamas.”

“I am preparing a massive campaign; it will be different than anything we have seen before,” he said. “I cannot elaborate on the preparations, but we are properly positioned for such a scenario.”

Netanyahu dismissed claims made by Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz that Israeli deterrence had been weakened.



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