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Make it possible v2The events of the Bible focus on one place above all others: the City of Jerusalem. The heart of the city is the Temple Mount, where God chose to place His Name and His Divine Presence.


Sadly, visiting the Temple Mount today can be very frustrating. People arrive with great anticipation and excitement for a meaningful and spiritually-uplifting experience. But they are met with hostility and a total lack of information to help them understand the many facets of this holy site. There are no signs, no explanations, and no brochures to explain its significance and historical background.

Join me in returning the meaning, history, and spiritual significance to the people.
With your help, we can publish this book in English and Hebrew and share it with many thousands of people.

Countless people aspire to visit the place where ultimately, according to the prophecy of Isaiah, all nations will flow to seek the word of the Lord. With this book, Arise and Ascend, visitors will gain a clear understanding of the different landmarks and special features of this holy place.

Bibi and Glick-5This book is designed to be a practical guide for visitors as they tour the mount and nearby points of interest. Its contents provide historical background as well as insight into the present situation. This allows a Temple Mount visit to be put into context and enables visitors to connect with the history and the spiritual significance of the heart of Jerusalem.  Help make this book—the first of its kind—possible. With your help we can make the true significance of the Temple Mount known to the world. Together we can help visitors have a more meaningful and spiritually-uplifting experience.  

Join me in returning the Temple Mount to its proper position as the epicenter of spirituality for the world. Together we can spread the message of the Temple Mount to millions of people. 

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