Rabbi’s regulates bourekas shapes

Burekas and pastries of all shapes (photo credit: Aaron Kalman/Times of Israel)

Jerusalem – Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has sent a letter to bakeries and makers of pastry throughout the nation mandating that the production of bourekas now conform to a new set of strict “shape” guidelines aimed at helping customers successfully navigate the selection process.

The regulations are meant to prevent customers from confusing dairy and nondairy products — needed for those who observe the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut, where meat and dairy are separatedy.

The TIMES OF ISRAEL (http://bit.ly/12m0Omd) reports that the Rabbinate’s letter also informs producers that failure to comply with the new guidelines might result in loss of kashrut certification.

A spokesman for the Rabbinate said that the guidelines are warranted because the risks of kashrut violations have been increased through the “creativeness” of bakers and the introduction of new fillings.

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The spokesman said that representatives from Israel’s major bakeries were included in the process.

Photo Credits :Burekas and pastries of all shapes (photo credit: Aaron Kalman/Times of Israel


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