“Rak Dimoh Achas” Sings Newcomer Raphael Melloul In His Debut Single “Achakeh”


Raphael Melloul is a name you will be hearing a lot of in the future. He is now releasing his debut single, the first taste of his upcoming debut album.

Raphael, a native of France, immigrated to Eretz Yisrael as a child with his parents because of anti-Semitism which was on the rise in his native country. At the age of 15, he was accepted into the Yeshiva “Pachad Yitzchok” in Yerushalayim. It wasn’t long before his friends realized that this talented Bachur had a spectacular voice. From there, he began singing at every opportunity that presented itself to him. There, Bein Hazmanim and Bein Hasdorim (between classes and sessions) Raphael began to perform officially.

His debut was made possible by a friend who lent him his keyboard to play at a wedding at the Great Synagogue in Yerushalayim. Raphael, whose talent was still hidden at this point, began to sing while everyone was busy preparing for the wedding. After hearing his amazing voice, guests from both families immediately asked him to sing the couple to the Chuppah. From that moment on, Raphael became a popular singer at major events, going on to perform in Brazil, France, Switzerland, and of course in Eretz Yisrael.

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Raphael got married and started a family, which meant supporting a family by performing all over the world. It wasn’t long before fans and guests would start asking and begging Raphael for original material. Now, at 27, Raphael embarks on his own musical journey. The best musicians and producers have joined Raphael in the making of his debut album, which he is currently recording. Raphael flew to the US to meet prolific composer Yitzy Waldner to see if they could create something special. Yitzy’s melody added another dimension to his original song. During these days, when panic and uncertainty prevail, Raphael is releasing his single Achakeh Lo as a prayer to help us get through these hard times.

“I decided to stay true to the words of the Passuk that have always held me,” Melloul reasoned. It is with this song, that we yearn for the ultimate Geula!

Source: The Yeshiva World


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