Report: China Using Lasers to Prep Massive Surprise Attack on United States


The Chinese have been using green lasers fired from satellites to gather intelligence for a potential hypersonic missile attack on Hawaii, a new report states.

A livestream camera on top of a mountain on one of the Hawaiian islands recorded the satellite flashing lasers, initially thought to come from a NASA satellite but later identified as the Chinese pollution monitoring satellite, the Daqi-1.

Questions were raised about why the Chinese would need to monitor pollution in Hawaii, given the US military presence there. Experts warn that this activity could pave the way for a repeat surprise attack on the US, like what happened at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

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The Chinese have built up a significant arsenal of hypersonic missiles aimed at neutralizing the power of the US Navy, dubbed ‘carrier killers,’ and attacking American facilities in the Pacific.

Recent tensions between the US and China over Taiwan have caused concern, not to mention the recent kerfuffle over a Chinese spy balloon drifting over the United States.

Source: (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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