Report: Saudi Arabia, UAE Aided U.S. and Israel With Intel on Iranian Attack

Aa anti-missile system fires interception missiles at drones and missiles fired from Iran, as seen over Tel Aviv, early Sunday. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates provided the United States and Israel with crucial intelligence that aided in addressing the Iranian attack.

Initially, these Arab nations were concerned that sharing intelligence could draw them directly into the conflict and provoke Iranian retaliation. However, following discussions with the U.S., both countries agreed to provide the intelligence. Additionally, Jordan declared it would permit American and other foreign military forces to use its airspace and would assist in intercepting Iranian drones and missiles with its air force.

The report also noted that Iranian officials had informed various Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, about their planned attack on Israel two days prior to the event.

Source: Hamodia

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