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Russians Execute Israeli Volunteer In Ukrainian Army

Russians Execute Israeli Volunteer In Ukrainian Army

An Israeli citizen who volunteered to fight in the Ukrainian army was captured and executed by Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, Ynet reported.

Alexander Dubovic, z’l, was killed on December 23, 2022 but his identity was only publicized in recent days. According to Ukrainian reports, he was captured by Russian forces after being injured in battle and then executed.

Dubovic, 34, was born in Dnipro and later made aliyah, where, he married and had two children, now aged nine and two. After Russia invaded Ukraine, he decided to volunteer for the army, telling his wife he wouldn’t be able to look his children in the eyes if he didn’t.

Dubovic also left behind his parents and siblings who live in Israel.

Ynet quoted his family members as saying that Dubovic, was “an amazing, open, and straightforward person. He had a strong sense of justice. He learned how to daven in Hebrew and wore a Magen Dovid on his arm. He said he was fighting for Ukraine, for freedom, and against slavery.”

Source: (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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