“Schwartzie” Climbs to Number 1, Now in Second Print


The first edition of “Schwartzie” climbed to number 1 in the religious book category on Amazon, now in its second print.

Schwartzie was unique in the world of shluchim as he became Lubavitch at age 19, and at age 24 was the first shliach to be on college campus sent by the Rebbe upon the request of Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin.

The first 70 pages go through Schwartzie’s struggle as a yeshiva student, his parents that were Satmir, his life as a Beatnik in the 50’s, sleeping in the Baumgarten basement with 15 other 770 bochurim, and his eventual embrace of Lubavitch through Itche Shpringer.

This book is a must for Chasidim, Shluchim, and Bale Batim. You may purchase the new edition for only $18.18 on Amazon with Free Shipping. Also available at Judaica World and Hamafitz. (First Edition is out of stock.)

This memoir recounts more than the facts of Schwartzie’s life and career, giving us insight into his relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, many Yichudisin never before published, his lifelong love affair with Israel, his ability to connect (and have fun) with people of all ages and walks of life, and his enormous spiritual capacity. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes breathtaking, Schwartzie’s stories form a colorful mural of a life filled with action and meaning.

If you would like to purchase a case of 20 books, at $10 per book, with Free Shipping, please email info@chaicenter.org

BONUS CHAPTER includes 10 pages of history and memories at the first Chabad house in the 70’s fighting the moonies and Hare Krishnas. Schwartzie’s memories walking his children on Friday nights through Westwood-village passing through cops on horses, anti-Semitism, drug rehab center, using recovering addicts as waiters for 650 attendees at Chabad’s Passover Seders, homeless crisis, and much much more. Only $18.18 on Amazon.

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