Sea of Galilee Nearly Full as Water Level Rises

By Pesach Benson • 5 February, 2023

Jerusalem, 5 February, 2023 (TPS) — The Sea of Galilee’s water level rose 3.5 cm on Saturday, the Israeli Water Authority announced on Sunday.

This level is just 1.64 meters below the “upper red line,” the level which means the Galilee — also known as Lake Kinneret — is full. If the water level goes above the upper red line, water authorities open the Degania Dam, just south of the lake, releasing water into the Jordan River to prevent flooding.

The water line is expected to continue rising. According to the Israeli Meteorological Service, occasional rainfall is expected in northern Israel on Sunday, continuing into the night. Snow on Mount Hermon, the highest point in the Golan Heights, is also expected.

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