Shaked attempts to create basis for Right-leaning government

Basis for Right government? Deri and Liberman

Former Justice Minister claims Liberman-haredi agreements can be reached to prevent election; ‘No need to drag State into further elections’

Mordechai Sones, 05/11/19 20:01

Former Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked (New Right) explained this evening contacts she has been conducting recently with haredi Knesset Members and Avigdor Liberman.

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In a Facebook Live broadcast that Shaked held, she said, “Chances of a unity government arising are not high, so I’m working for there to be some basis for establishing a Right-leaning government, a basis for cooperation between the haredim and Evet Liberman.

“I think if both parties give a little, it’s definitely possible. There’s no need to drag the State into further elections,” Shaked added.

Shaked explained that the option of going to another election is problematic, “Another election will weaken the Right’s situation. I don’t see how the Right could get stronger in another election, and that’s certainly bad for the State of Israel.”

She said, “We have a very big task, to reduce the great deficit we have, and of course we also have security and social challenges. To do all these things, a government has to be established.”

Shaked also referred to future political moves and possibilities opening up: “Gantz will return the mandate to the President on November 20, and we’re entering a period that the government was never in, where each Knesset member can submit 61 signatures to the President and receive a fortnight for the purpose of forming a government.”


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