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Shaked says Yamina is not planning for defeat

Shaked says Yamina is not planning for defeat
Ayelet Shaked. (Photo: Times of Israel).

Ayelet Shaked tells Arutz Sheva that her party has only victory plans.

MK Ayelet Shaked of Yamina is giving one last interview to Arutz Sheva before election day.

“We are amicable with the Likud,” she says, “But it should be understood that Netanyahu is throwing everything he has against Yamina. We need every religious Zionist of every kind to support us if we are to establish a genuinely thoughtful right-wing government.”

Shaked does not believe in ‘the day after’ scenarios in case her party shouldn’t do as well as they hope. “We do not talk about ‘the day after’. We are going to set up a right-wing government, with a right-wing candidate at its head.”

Shaked is equally determined when it comes to the Yesh Atid party and its leader. “We have said unequivocally that there will be no rotation with Lapid, nor will Lapid be our Prime Minister under any circumstances. The choice right now is Naftali Bennett, who can stay true to right-wing values and has the courage and determination to implement policies for the good of the nation.”

Shaked was pleased to hear about the dismissal of the indictment against the former head of the Bar Association, Efi Naveh. “I am happy, of course, that Efi Naveh’s indictment has been dropped. I kept saying that hacking into a person’s cell phone was a crime punishable by imprisonment and that the prosecution is in no way allowed to resort to such a thing. It is good that that case has been closed.”

She was asked how she would act regarding the Early Childhood Preservation Act if she were to head the Ministry of Justice again.

“Matan Kahana will lead Yamina’s response to that bill. We brought it to a vote o is taking care of the presumption of infancy. We are the ones who brought it to a vote to begin with, and we have kept it from being dismissed.”

At the end of the interview, she calls on voters to support Yamina: “Don’t try to figure out which vote will ‘count for the most’ – it just confuses things. We represent all religious Zionism and all secular Zionism.”

(Arutz 7)



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