Shaky truce tested with ongoing terror provocations along Gaza border

A fire near the Gaza Strip in mid-June caused by incendiary balloons | Photo: Yehuda Peretz

Diplomatic-Security Cabinet poised to discuss latest incidents in the south as both Hamas and Israel build up pressure.

For the third straight day in a row, terrorists from the Gaza Strip breached the shaky truce reached after Operation Guardian of the Walls, sending incendiary balloons across the border.

Five fires were reported in the area as a result of this provocation. They were quickly contained by the Israel Fire and Rescue Service with the help of Israel Defense Forces officials and Jewish National Fund rangers.

The Diplomatic-Security Cabinet is to convene on Sunday in order to deliberate on the latest developments.

This week the fires from incendiary balloons led to Israeli airstrikes and on Wednesday, a senior security official told Israel Hayom that Israel has warned Hamas through the Egyptian brokers that if the balloon terrorism continues Israel “would not be able to move forward in the ceasefire talks and will respond even more forcefully.”

The source further said, “things will not stay the same.”

Hamas has also sent a message to Israel, according to Lebanese media reported on Wednesday, warning that it would continue with provocations unless Israel eases various restrictions and allows more foreign funding to enter their coffers.

(Israel Hayom).

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