Shocking! Plates Delivered to IDF Wrapped in Pages From Chumashim


A Shipment of new plates were shipped this week to an IDF base this week wrapped in pages torn out from Chumashim.

When word reached the Defense Ministries office they immediately canceled and suspended all orders from the present contractor. Soldiers on the base were shocked to find the desecrated pages wrapped around the plates. Many of the Kitchen staff at the base our Torah Observant and were horrified with their discovery.

According to reports by Hamodia-A senior defense ministry official clarified  that “the Defense Ministry considers this a very serious incident. As soon as the complaint was received the ministry questioned the Clear company, which won a tender to provide serving dishes for the IDF units. Clear replied that they used a subcontractor for the plates, and informed us that it will immediately collect all the plates from around the country and will stop working with the subcontractor from which the plates were purchased.”

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While the Defense Ministry welcomes Clear’s move to discontinue ties with the subcontractor, the official said, it will still continue its investigation to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Clear said that it had filed a police complaint against Green Glass, the subcontractor that was hired to package the plates. The packers seem to have torn dozens, if not hundreds, of Chumashim for the pages.



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