Shwekey Hopes Song Composed for Trump Fundraiser Will Spark Wave of Patriotism in Jewish Community


August 13, 2020 11:39 am

NEW YORK (VINnews/Sandy Eller) – In a departure from his usual repertoire, singer Yaakov Shwekey appears in an all new music video expressing the Jewish community’s gratitude to President Donald Trump and the United States of America.

The three minute long video features the Stars and Stripes billowing against a brilliant blue sky and the popular singer recording the song against the backdrop of a large American flag at a Spotswood, New Jersey music studio.

The song, We Love America, is an updated version of Shwekey’s 2016 hit We Are A Miracle, written for an August 9th fundraiser held for Trump in Deal, New Jersey at the home of Stanley Chera, who succumbed to COVID in mid-April. Chera was a close friend of both Trump and Shwekey, and his children contacted the singer, asking him to perform for the president at the fundraiser.

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“I started asking myself, ‘What can I sing for him, what will have an impact?’” Shwekey told VIN News. “It made sense to do a patriotic song in honor of the president’s visit and I came up with a few lyrics and contacted my dear friend Yisroel Besser who has written songs for me in the past.”

The song highlights the Jewish community’s gratitude to America for its many freedoms and also expresses support for Trump, describing him as “heaven sent.” Shwekey was told that the president enjoyed the song, which was also performed for an enthusiastic audience at Camp Tumim in Pennsylvania as previously reported on VIN News (

But far from creating the song for the fundraiser alone, Shwekey hopes that it will resonate far and wide, especially with the election less than three months away. The singer, whose mother was born in a displaced persons camp, has taken great pains to ensure that his own children appreciate the freedoms they currently enjoy.

“I took my children to visit Rav Shmuel Kamenetzky who has an American flag flying outside his home,” said Shwekey. “It is very important for our children to understand the great and kind country that we live in, that lets us practice our religion and gives us voice.”

Seeing the media trying to publicly discredit Trump and people publicly displaying contempt for America is particularly disturbing to Shwekey.

“We know what America has done for people – the downtrodden, the hungry,” said Shwekey. “We need to focus on the positive and appreciate what we have. You will never have a country that is perfect, but to not give respect is shocking and I don’t know of any other country that would allow people to kneel during the national anthem.”

Shwekey hopes that We Love America and its message will be heard and internalized in Jewish communities throughout the country.

“With all the negativity that we hear people start thinking that maybe America isn’t all they thought it was,” said Shwekey. “Don’t listen to the media spin. Don’t doubt America and all that it has done for us.”

We Love America

A nation so diverse

Yet united at its core,

Freedom opportunity

Allowing us to soar

Its been four years

Four GREAT years

And you know don’t you really know

You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr. President

To stand strong.

The glory of our history,

Our flag it’s flying high,

The promise of our future,

We raise our voices high.

It’s been four years

Four GREAT years

And you know don’t you really know

You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr. President

To stand strong now.

We love America.

We love America.

May G-d hear our prayers, for four more years.

We love America.

Every day you fight a battle,

On the news, they try to hide,

Your victories, your accomplishments,

The way you lead with pride.

But truth is always stronger,

So join us as we sing our song

We love America.

We love America.

May G-d hear our prayers, for four more years.

Cause we love and appreciate America.

Source: VosIzNeias


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