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Simche Friedman Debuts “Od Yavo Hayom”

Simche Friedman Debuts “Od Yavo Hayom”

Popular Chasidic singer Simche Friedman has released a new single “Od Yavo Hayom” about the coming of Moshiach and “Here it is!”

Chasidic singer Simche Friedman has released a new single, seventh in number, from his forthcoming debut album.

The single’s name is “Od Yavo Hayom”, and it not only deals with the expectation of the coming of Moshiach, but also conveys a message that “Here it is!”

This is an initial collaboration between Simche Friedman and Eli Klein – the most talented and prolific creator in the world of Jewish-Hasidic music today, who both wrote and composed the song.

“Od Yavo Hayom” is a song about redemption, pleasant to the ear and fun to hear. The special adaptation of Eli Klein and Itzy Berry in Israeli style, with the unique and extraordinary singing in the pleasantness of Simcha Friedman, creates a soundtrack that will remain with us over time. A song you want to listen to over and over again.

The song is released accompanied by a particularly breathtaking video clip and animation, combining the lyrics with unique videos that express the passion of Moshiach coming, reflecting the destiny of forthcoming redemption. The combined videos are courtesy of the “Yahauduton” channel.

The production of the clip is signed “Wasserman Productions”.


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