Suspect arrested over San Francisco synagogue shooting

Police have detained 51-year-old Dmitri Mishin on suspicion of opening fire at the Schneerson Center in San Francisco on Feb. 1, 2023. No one was hurt and no damage was caused, leading authorities to believe his gun was carrying blanks. Credit: Screenshot.

Dmitri Mishin is alleged to have fired multiple shots inside the Schneerson Center • No one was hurt and no property was damaged in the attack.

 A suspect has been arrested in connection with a shooting in a San Francisco synagogue two days ago, authorities announced on Saturday.

The suspect, identified as Dmitri Mishin, 51, is alleged to have fired several shots in the Schneerson Center before fleeing. No one was hurt and no damage was caused, leading police to suspect that the gun had been loaded with blanks.

Mishin is being held on suspicion of disturbing a religious assembly, brandishing an imitation firearm and causing another to refrain from engaging in a religious service, according to CBS News.

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He entered the Jewish place of worship and “[started] shooting in the air everywhere, and talking about the Mossad, and this and that, and craziness, and then he seems to [waiver] and leave,” Alon Chanukov, junior rabbi and vice president of the Schneerson Center, told CBS.

The outlet reported that Mishin is also a suspect in a similar incident that occurred on Tuesday night at a theater about a kilometer from the synagogue.

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