Sweden Allocates $1.1 Million For Creation Of Country’s First Holocaust Museum

JAIME REINA / AFPA woman lights a candle during a ceremony in Palma de Mallorca's synagogue, 26 January 2006 on the eve of Holocaust memorial day.

The money will be used to collect documents and interview Holocaust survivors.

The Swedish government has allocated $1.1 million to an organization tasked with opening the country’s first Holocaust museum.

The Culture Ministry said last week that the government gave the sum of money to the Living History Forum, a Stockholm-based government agency that provides educational materials on the Holocaust, human rights and tolerance.

The money will be used to collect documents and interview Holocaust survivors to make up the museum’s exhibits.

In 2018, Sweden announced plans to build a Holocaust museum and center dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.

Many details on the establishment of the museum, including its opening date, location and operation as an independent government body, have yet to be publicly disclosed.

The museum will likely be located in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, or in Malmö, a city which has experienced an increase in anti-Semitism in recent years.

“The Holocaust is a crime against humanity unprecedented in our history,” the Ministry of Culture said in its statement. “Its memory and his lessons must be preserved and passed on.”

Source: i24


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