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The Chabad Banquet Dinner:2013

With a guest list spanning the broad diversity of Jews from every denomination and political affiliation, at least 30% of the 5200 invited to...

Making it Count

In addition to Bikur Cholim’s many iconic programs such as SPOT, Funding Medical Treatment, and daily visitation to cholim at home or hospitalized, is...

Yavneh News


Kever Rechokim

The Observant Jew By Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz  I’m going to tell you three stories: two happy, one sad, but all with the same message. You may...

The Ultimate Loss

A reader, someone I do not know personally, contacted me and asked me to write about this subject.  I agreed because I felt so...

Kosher Fest 2013

From bite sized stuffed cupcakes to Himalayan pink salt crystals, from Moldavian wines to salmon jerky, Kosher Fest 2013 had it all. A record number...

Community Links #241

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Obama Admin. Knew Millions Could Not Keep Their Health Insurance

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it....

Popular Artist Now Painting Jewish Art

Robert Tanenbaum, a prolific artist who has been painting famous pop icons for 40 years, has now begun to paint Chasidic - Jewish oil...
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