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Israeli Scientists Develop New Molecule to Prevent Age-Related Diseases such as...

 By TPS • 1 August, 2022 Jerusalem, 1 August, 2022 (TPS) -- A new molecule developed by Israeli scientists at Hebrew University in Jerusalem may prevent age-related...

New antiviral targets common viruses – including COVID-19 and Zika

Hebrew University's ViroBlock announces preliminary success of anti-viral drug platform. ViroBlock, a startup company founded by Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) researchers, has developed a...

New Israeli study says smoking is bad for mental health, too

Hebrew University research shows that student smokers have 2-3 times the rates of clinical depression compared to their non-smoking peers

Israeli Discovery Could Revolutionize Battle on Cancer

By TPS • 27 November, 2019 A new technique developed by Israeli sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem which targets...

Can Worms Help Women Pause Their Biological Clocks? New Research

A new study by Hebrew University researchers has found a potential method to slow down egg maturation BY MAAYAN...

Archaeological Evidence of the Kingdom of David Now on Display

Archaeological Evidence of the Kingdom of David Now on Display in Jerusalem Written by Anna Rudnitsky/TPS on August 30, 2016 Biblical archaeology was revolutionized several years...
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