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Insider’s Secrets: Mental Health and the Jewish Community

Expert clinical psychotherapist and author Mia Adler Ozair addresses the important topic of mental health and the Jewish community.  Her advocacy promotes the benefits...

Give It Away

It seems highly contradictory to advise a business owner to give away products or services at reduced rates or even free-of-charge.  How might one...

Our True Clothing

Recently I had the chance to visit San Francisco with my husband and during our trip we, thankfully, had many great adventures.  Something that...


I have been reflecting quite a bit lately on the state of the world in general and on the condition of the Jewish community...

The Ultimate Loss

A reader, someone I do not know personally, contacted me and asked me to write about this subject.  I agreed because I felt so...

Supporting Women, Supporting Schools

In previous editions of Community Links I wrote articles titled “The Cost of Jewish Living” and “Giving Our All.”  The articles touched upon the...

When the Unthinkable Happens

How can it be that a young man, of only twenty-something years old, could enter a school, of all places, and take the lives...
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