Tashbar Torat Hayim-LA’s Only Sephardic Yeshiva


Tashbar Torat Hayim, now in its 26th year, is the only Sephardic yeshiva in Los Angeles serving students from preschool through 8th Grade. The student body is made up of children from a variety of family backgrounds including Moroccan, Yemenite, French, Israeli, Persian and Ashkenazi. At Tashbar, the children gain a broad education, rich in Sefardic tradition.

Tashbar’s preschool program for children ages 2-5 integrates Judaic and secular subjects. Sparks of Torah and Judaism are ignited daily through a variety of creative and stimulating activities.  The curriculum emphasizes Tefilah, Mitzvot, Midot Tovot, and Sephardic Minhagim. Shabbat and the Chagim come alive through songs, stories, arts and crafts, and interactive activities. Experiences in science, cooking, art, language and math concepts, experimenting and risk- taking, all contribute to a young child’s feeling of success.  The preschool classrooms are buzzing with meaningful activities, purposeful play, language opportunities, stories, and the activities needed to build skills for higher learning.  Each child is encouraged to discover his or her own strengths and interests, with the guidance of the professionally trained Morot. Tashbar’s staff proudly includes the 2012 recipient of the BJE’s Judaic Curriculum award.

Classes from Pre-1 and up are separated by gender. The General Studies curriculum is based on California State Common Core Content Standards. Tashbar’s credentialed teachers create a learning environment which encourages students to maximize their potential in all subject areas. The Torah Studies curriculum is taught by dynamic Rabbanim and Morot who teach a love of Torah along with the skills necessary to be life-long learners. The boys learn to chant the Torah with Ta’amim and begin reading the Maftir in the Synagogue when they are in 1st grade.

The school boasts a vibrant PTA and many family events such as Father-Son Learning, Mother -Daughter Programs, parenting classes, and more.

Tashbar plans to open a brand new Mommy and Me Program after Pesach. Tashbar encourages students to love Torah, to live Torah, and to make Torah a part of their daily lives.

For more information call Tashbar Torat Hayim 310-652-2626

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