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I debated on whether or not to write this article as I thought maybe it would be crossing two different streams of involvement.  However after giving it much thought, I realized that one stream may actually help the other and decided to write it.  As you know by now, my profession is as a therapist in private practice.  In each session I listen to people of all ages and situations discuss the things that challenge them and very often the source of much upheaval in the home is financial stress and pressure.  The past few years have been excruciatingly painful on the job and financial front.  Many people have lost their jobs, their homes, and have even gotten divorced over dealing with the financial burden.  I realized that a lot of the internal problems at home between husband and wife that I see during sessions would be lessened, if not solved, by financial security.  I’ve written several articles about the price tag of being an observant Jew and raising Jewish children, and the recent economy has only further challenged this in countless homes.  So, based upon this, I decided to share with readers about what I have found that has begun to make a difference for my family, and I believe can potentially make a difference for any family that participates.  It is shared with the intention of strengthening the community and hopefully potentially alleviating the burden that so many families are experiencing.

Four months ago one of my closest friends came to me wanting to discuss some new business she was doing.  She said something about electricity and really I had no interest.  I’m a therapist, not in the energy business.  She continued to bug me telling me I simply had to give her 30 minutes to hear what she is doing and after six weeks of her chasing me I finally told her that because I love her I would listen.  (Really I’m a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t a better friend and given her that time sooner, but I’ll blame that on the fact that I have so many kids and let’s move right along . . .)  By the end of our 30 minutes together, I was impressed.  She had connected with Ambit Energy, Inc., a highly reputable energy company that was entering into the American marketplace due to the federally-mandated deregulation of the energy industry.  I’m sure most readers would recall the deregulation (breaking up of monopolies) of other industries, the telecom industry being one of the largest and most recent.  Seven years ago Ambit Energy jumped on the scene opening service for gas and electric in two states and has exceeded all expectations since that time.  In just seven years the company has entered into 9 states, reached over one billion dollars in revenue, is debt free, and is providing service to over one million customers.  All of this with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a long list of accolades including the coveted #1 spot on the 500, Inc. magazine’s list of top privately owned companies.  But . . . its business structure is network marketing (gasp) and could I really embrace this business model?  I knew due diligence was in order and so my research of the company and its business structure began.

What I found further impressed me.  The founders of the company are both power-houses of men, each highly accomplished business men in their own right.  The reputation of the company is exceptional.  Yes, there are some complaints on the internet—mostly out of Texas that has a very different setup then the rest of the states—but do a search on any company from Target to Microsoft and you will always find negative comments about something.  Certainly the ones posted about Ambit were minor and the A+ Better Business Bureau rating reassured me.  (Now I feel most confident given their recent award from J.D. Powers and Associates for #1 customer service by an energy company in the State of New York.)  I also loved the fact that they offer a Certified Green Energy program for those who prefer a more eco-friendly source of power.  Then of course I had to look at the business model—what exactly would I be doing?  How often do I need to do it?  How much will I get paid for it?  Upon reviewing the Ambit Energy compensation plan I was simply amazed.  The potential for growing long-term financial stability through their residual income plan is both genius and recession-proof with consultants earning residual income on every single gas and electric bill that he or she brings into Ambit Energy.  Even when times are tough, most households will pay gas and electric before any other bill—and they are already currently doing so which means I do not have to sell anything.  I simply need to ask people who are already paying for the service if they are interested in saving money through Ambit Energy and help them to make the switch.  That’s it.  Simple, easy, and done on my own time table and through my own personal network of contacts.

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Once I was comfortable that both the company is credible and the work itself is something I can fit in to an already packed schedule I made the decision to jump in and have not looked back since.  After just under three months I am already making money each week, have been promoted once, and am slowly starting to bring in extra income to my home.  I envision this is something that I will continue to do part-time for the long-term building our nest egg and watching the residuals build over time.  With my oldest entering college in just two short years, the timing is perfect.  And speaking of timing . . .

One of the things that makes the opportunity with Ambit Energy here in Southern California so unique is that we are not yet an open market—meaning Ambit Energy does not yet service our immediate area.  The significance of this is that while I am networking with my contacts in currently open regions of Ambit Energy, I know that when service does open here there will be an immediate explosion of activity and an influx of both consultants and bills that will jump my income up considerably.  Although I believe the timing is always good to enter into Ambit Energy, the timing right now for us in Southern California is supreme.  No one from the company has confirmed when Ambit Energy will begin service in our area; however rumors are circulating that it will be sometime this fall starting with gas service.  Personally, although it is just a touch more difficult to work in an unopened area, I prefer to have this time to continue to build my business step-by-step and network to position myself as high up in the company as I can prior to the market opening.

Obviously there are many more details—a presentation for Ambit Energy goes through an overview of the entire involvement to be a consultant or customer of Ambit Energy.  In addition, I am fully aware that this entire article can be conceived as an attempt at shameless self-promotion for the new business I am involved with.  However after discussion with the Community Links magazine owner he agreed that this opportunity has the potential to help many Jewish families during otherwise difficult financial times, and it is through this lens that we agreed the value of sharing the information outweighs the potential misperception.

At a minimum, I encourage each reader to view www.energysupplyfree.com, which is a 25-minute presentation given by one of the top earners in Ambit Energy.  By the way, the speaker on this video segment happens to be an orthodox Jew in New York and dozens of the top consultants are observant Jews.  In addition, the owners of the company determined that if and when there are company events that fall on Shabbat or a Jewish holiday they will always offer a special recap session for those who had to miss.  I feel this goes above and beyond what is standard practice in corporate America and demonstrates a certain sensitivity and respect for those working with Ambit Energy.

For those of you who are intrigued, the next step after viewing the entire video would be to contact us to get questions answered and get started!  My partners and I are building one of the top teams in Los Angeles and plan to be leading the charge when the market opens in Southern California.  We’d love to have you by our side benefiting on the opportunity as well.  As the Gemara states, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”  On a final note, there is also a way for businesses and non-profit organizations to benefit from the Ambit Energy program.  You can contact us at ambitcml@gmail.com or call 323-761-9127.  Here is wishing everyone abundance and flowing parnasa!

By: Mia Adler Ozair

Mia Adler Ozair, MA, LPCC, NCC is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and educator with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California.  Mia is licensed in both California and Illinois and she can be reached through her website at www.bhcounselingcenter.com or followed on Twitter @MiaAdlerOzair.


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