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Teaming up with Leading Jewish Composers and Singers, Naftali Kalfa Releases New Double Album

Teaming up with Leading Jewish Composers and Singers, Naftali Kalfa Releases New Double Album

The Naftali Kalfa Project Features 28 Original Compositions and Orchestrated Songs

Working alongside some of the most established and well-known names in the Jewish music world today, singer and composer Naftali Kalfa has released a double album titled The Naftali Kalfa Project.

Nearly two years in the making, Kalfa sings in both Hebrew and English, and incorporates traditional Jewish verses with original lyrics.

“These songs are part of me, like my children – and many of them were inspired BY my children” says Kalfa, a native of Toronto who splits his time between Canada and Israel and is a father of 5. With musical styles spanning numerous genre from cantorial to rock, Kalfa drew inspiration for his music from psalms and prayers with songs like This Time Next Year, taken from the Passover Haggadah, Adon Haselichot from Yom Kippur but also focused on the strong Jewish spirit to persevere and prayers to Hashem with songs like Refaenu, Ten Li Koach, Bridges and I Will Be.

The double album includes 28 original songs and features musical and artistic collaborations with Shlomo Katz, Yossi Piamenta, Yehuda Glantz, Gad Elbaz, Yosef Chaim Shwekey, Lenny Solomon, Benny Elbaz, Yehuda Solomon, Shyne and many others.

An additional Purim inspired single, Miracles, will be released on Rosh Hodesh Adar in which Kalfa teamed up with Gad Elbaz and singer songwriter Ari Lesser.

“When I began working with Naftali in the studio, I didn’t realize that I was about to learn much more than I could teach,” said Shlomo Katz, who worked with Kalfa on the single Ana Hashem and the popular Israel-inspired Zion, among several others. “The musicianship was overall harmony amongst all of the artists involved. This was very different than other recordings – we all knew there is something much bigger going on.”

“Naftalis music is reachable to every soul,” commented Gad Elbaz, who co-produced and arranged the song Im Eshkachech  and Hachazirenu as well as contributing vocals on other tracks. “When I sing his tunes I feel connected to God.”

“Naftali always creates a fun environment to work in and create music together. This great vibe comes across in the song I Will Be which paints a picture of the strife and struggle we all experience in this world, while providing the listener with a message of hope, and believing in yourself,” adds Yehuda Solomon from the Moshav Band.

“Working with Naftali was an energizing experience. He brings a love for music to the studio and his style is full of excitement and fun,” said Lenny Solomon, of ShlockRock, who teamed up with Kalfa on the tracks Shema Yisrael and Ani Maamin.

“I think that music is a free gift from the Creator and to share those moments with Naftali was very special,” added Yehuda Glantz, who joined Kalfa on the upbeat Hebrew and Spanish B’Simcha track.

“Working with Naftali was an electrifying and soulful experience. Naftali is a consummate musician whose love and passion for music is on par with the best,” said Moshe Levi, commonly known as the rapper Shyne.

“The uniqueness of this album is that it welcomes the talents of a diverse collection of artists while being inspired by an underlying love for music and connection to Hashem that is at the heart of everything we do as singers and composers,” Kalfa says.  “It’s been a real honor to bring together so many people for this project and I’m confident that listeners will feel that sense of passion within each and every song.”

The Naftali Kalfa Project is available for download at www.nkalfa.com, on iTunes or at select Jewish music stores around the world.


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