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The Red State World Series: A Democrat Nightmare

The Red State World Series: A Democrat Nightmare
The Braves after Game 6 of the Championship Series (Screenshot).

As the Atlanta Braves celebrated on the mound after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in six games in the NLCS, potential storylines began to form.

It’s the first World Series for the Atlanta organization since 1999, first baseman Freddie Freeman finally gets to taste success after the lean years in Atlanta, the possible redemption story for their opponent in the Houston Astros.

And then I remembered something … the Left gave us a storyline six months ago when they decided to ruin sports with their politics.

For those who need a little refresher, Major League Baseball moved its 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in April in response to Georgia’s Election Integrity bill. The bill was intended to fix the voting process in a state that was mired in controversy during the 2020 Presidential race.

It was meant to make elections safer and more transparent and featured a number of voter integrity provisions, including a voter ID requirement.

But in the most predictable of moves, the Left made it about race, telling Americans that the bill specifically targeted the black community. President Biden went so far as to call the bill “Jim Crow on steroids.”

So, what did Major League Baseball do? All too predictably, commissioner Rob Manfred caved to Democratic pressure, punishing residents of Georgia and the small businesses that depend on the Braves ballpark by moving the game to Denver, Colorado.

Democrats widely applauded MLB’s move, with former President Barack Obama congratulating the league on Twitter for “taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens.”

It’s what makes Atlanta’s World Series berth so damn hilarious.

No one thought the 88-win Braves were World Series bound at the beginning of the MLB Playoffs. The 107-win San Francisco Giants and the 106-win LA Dodgers were standing in their way, favored to represent the National League in the Fall Classic.

I can only imagine the horror on the face of Democrats as Atlanta shortstop Dansby Swanson threw to first base for the final out of game six, sending the Braves dugout streaming to celebrate on the pitcher’s mound.

Major League Baseball — and the Left — punished the city of Atlanta by taking away the Summer Classic. Now, Atlanta will be hosting at least two, and potentially three, World Series games at Truist Park.

The games in Atlanta will be a massive boon for the local economy, as people from all over the country will descend on Truist Park to watch baseball at its best. KPRC Houston reported that the city made around $30 million from the Astros World Series games in 2017. It should be a nice opportunity for small businesses in Atlanta to at least chip into the estimated $100 million loss suffered by the moving of the All-Star Game.

The All-Star game was moved as a form of punishment so that moving forward, other states would think twice about making laws the Left opposes. And now, every eye in baseball will be trained on the very state the Left sought to punish.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp found the humor, taking a jab at Stacey Abrams following the Braves victory.

In a twist that makes the situation keel-over-with-laughter funny, a team from the state of Texas will be representing the American League.

The Houston Astros — just two years removed from the biggest cheating scandal since the Chicago Black Sox — will host the first two games of the World Series, in a state that is currently committing the ultimate sin to the Left — saving babies.

Life has a funny way of coming back around. The Left injected themselves where they didn’t belong — in sports — by putting pressure on companies to punish the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia because they didn’t like a bill put forth by a Republican governor.

And now, six months later, all eyes will be on the states of Texas and Georgia as Major League Baseball crowns their 2021 World Series champion.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Left screaming in anguish.

(Daily Wire).


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