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Thousands Take to Jerusalem’s Streets to Celebrate Israel

Thousands Take to Jerusalem’s Streets to Celebrate Israel

Thousands Take to Jerusalem’s Streets to Celebrate Israel

By Mara Vigevani/TPS • 27 September, 2018

With flags from all over the globe waving high, a colorful march of some 80,000 Israelis and foreign friends of Israel descended on the streets of Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon for the annual Jerusalem March to celebrate Israel and pray for peace.

Hundreds of police officers deployed along the march route, which began at the Sacher Park and ended at the First Station compound,  to provide security and direct traffic, closing off major streets and intersections in the capital in the early afternoon to make way for the parade.

Over 6,000 pilgrims from over 100 nations joined the 3-kilometer popular parade, held annualy during the Succot holiday, including large groups waving flags and traditionally dressed from countries including Brazil, China, Switzerland, Malaysia, the United States, South Africa, and Peru and singing. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) is behind the event, now in its 39th year.

The Chinese speaking delegation, one of the biggest with 500 representants arrived in Israel for the march, walked holding six small sukkahs, the temporary hut constructed for use during the Jewish festival of Sukkot,  differently decorated.

Pilgrims from Brazil represented the biggest delegation with 900 people.Other large delegations arrived from Ivory Coast with 600, from the United States, 500,  and 250 people from the Philippines.

This year’s event centered on the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state.

“Every year the participants to the march rise, as tourism in Israel which is on rise 15% up as well,” ICEJ Vice President David Parsons told TPS.  “60% of the pilgrims who arrived in Israel are from Latin America and Africa, the developing countries, where evangelical churches  are growing the fastest”.

According to Parsons the interest of the pilgrims from developing countries doesn’t come only from religious reasons but also because they admire the spirit of the country

“Developing countries watch Israel from the last 70 years, from the time orphans from the Shoa arrived to the high tech nation and admire it, they want to take the spirit of Israel to their nations,” Parsons said.



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