Top Trump Advisor Meets Reb Duvi Honig – Discussed Jobs, Israel, the Jewish Community and More


Top Trump Advisor Meets Reb Duvi Honig – Discussed Jobs, Israel, the Jewish Community and More

 Duvi Honig, founder and director of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (, held a lengthy meeting yesterday at Trump Tower in Manhattan with Jason Dov Greenblatt, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at The Trump Organization. Mr. Greenblatt, who has worked for the Republican presidential candidate for decades, has emerged as a key advisor to Mr. Trump on Israel and other Jewish community issues.

The two discussed a range of Jewish communal issues, particularly related to the economy. “We discussed how frumfamilies, like middle class families across America, struggle to make ends meet, and some of the innovative ways we can help,” Mr. Honig relates.

The OJC includes an influential Public Policy Committee aimed at spurring positive economic policies at all government levels, which was discussed in great detail at the meeting. Mr. Greenblatt, a frum father of six from Teaneck, showed a keen interest in the issues facing Jewish families, and expressed a desire to build upon his existing relationships with Jewish community members and leaders in the months ahead.

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Because Mr. Greenblatt has been inundated with requests from the Jewish community around the world, Mr. Greenblatt has created a Twitter account on which he will post information about this year’s presidential election and news about Israel. @JasonDovEsq will be a platform to discuss the election, Israel-related issues, family and parenting issues, as well as other things of importance to the Jewish community (Mr. Greenblatt is the co-founder of a popular parenting website @JasonDovEsq is also an excellent medium for everyday individuals to follow important news about Mr. Trump and his associates.

The OJC serves as a highly effective vehicle to represent the Jewish community and its economic interests to Mr. Greenblatt and others within the close circle of the Republican presidential candidate and other national political leaders. As previously reported, the organization is proud to be hosting Mr. Greenblatt at the upcoming J-Biz Expo and Business Conference, for a special address, Q & A session, and tour of the expo floor.

That exciting event is now less than two weeks away!

J-Biz Expo and Business Conference will be held on June 1st at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. For more details, or to register, please visit



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