Tourist and Bus Driver Injured in Jerusalem’s Old City


Tourist and Bus Driver Injured in Two Attacks Outside Jerusalem’s Old City


A Filipino tourist and an Israeli bus driver were injured near Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday night, in two separate incidents of violence by Palestinians.

In the first incident, at around 18:30, Palestinians targeted a local bus with stones, smashing the windshield and hitting the driver. The man was evacuated to the local Shaare Tzedek Hospital by paramedics.

Later, at around 22:30, rocks and what eyewitnesses told the Tazpit News Agency were fireworks and potentially gunfire, hit a second bus, also just outside the Old City.

One of the passengers, an approximately 60 year-old tourist from the Philippines, was injured in the attack.

Police declared that she had also been struck by stones thrown by the Palestinians, and was evacuated to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Her fellow passengers had suspected that she was struck by either gunfire or a firework, having noted the impact on the bus windows, which were also photographed by Tazpit.

At this stage it is not clear if the same rioters were involved in both incidents.

By Zack Pyzer

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