Touro LA: New Degree in Jewish Education Studies


More and more people are realizing the importance of a college degree. One look at the differences in income and employment rates for different levels of education make the issue very clear. One study, the Current Population Survey by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals how earnings for full-time wage and salary workers go up with the number of years spent in school.



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With such a stark comparison of income and employment rates for those with high school diplomas and college degrees, it is no wonder that more and more high school students are interested in attending college. They understand that they need to develop skills and knowledge that will assist them in gaining employment– and also to keep those jobs as evidenced but the lower unemployment rates for those with college degrees.

Touro College Los Angeles Responds with a New Jewish Education Program

According to Dean Michael Hamlin, over the years many of the students in his psychology classes, were already teaching or assisting in Jewish Schools even while they were attending college and many continued on in teaching and administrative roles in Jewish education.

As Dean Hamlin observed, “Over the years students requested a degree that was more closely tailored to fit the needs of those who wanted to learn more about teaching.  So, in keeping with its commitment to provide degrees that lead to professional advancement, Touro College Los Angeles is responding to these requests and is proudly announcing a new program in Jewish Education Studies.”

The program will provide coursework in education, psychology and Judaic Studies along with hands-on training in Jewish schools for students who desire to develop the skills that will make them prized candidates in teaching and administrative positions in Jewish educational institutions. The coursework with lead to a Bachelor’s Degree in Judaic Studies with a concentration in Jewish Education Studies.

The Judaic Education Studies Program has been designed to address the goals of students who want to develop skills and knowledge that allow them to excel in Jewish educational settings. The program consists of 4 parts:

  • Courses in Education and Psychology will help build knowledge and skills in teaching and learning sciences
  • Teaching Practicum credits for participating in teaching and educational activities in Jewish schools.
  • Judaic Studies credits gained both from their Israel Seminary or Yeshiva plus further Judaic courses in the program
  • General Studies courses in English, Humanities, Science, and Math will help students develop communication, critical thinking, and content knowledge they will need to teach

The program is designed to help students complete their degree in an accelerated fashion and can be completed in 6 semesters (including 2 summers). Because Touro is a WASC accredited college, credits earned in the program are transferrable to other accredited institutions if the student should need to re-locate. The Jewish Education Studies Program is designed to provide a solid educational foundation for students who wish to go on to a Masters or other graduate programs to gain a teaching certificate or graduate certifications in education or other human service fields.

Touro College Los Angeles was established to provide an environment in which Jewish students’ cultural and spiritual needs could go hand in hand with their educational pursuits. Touro does not simply accommodate Jewish traditions, it supports and sustains them. The College is one of few in this country that builds in time for students to worship and to study, to celebrate and to honor their cultures and beliefs.

According to Leah Mizrahi Rosen, Director of Admissions at Touro Los Angeles “The new Program in Jewish Education Studies puts Touro’s mission into practice because it provides opportunities for our students to become more in touch with their own Jewish identity, while at the same time providing them with the tools they will need to spread Torah and educate our younger generations.”

Registration for fall term begins in mid-July. To enroll or gain more information about this exciting new program call Leah Mizrahi Rosen, Director of Admissions at 323-822-9700 EXT: 85155 or e-mail




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