Trader Joe’s Is a Kosher Hotspot

Grocery chain Trader Joe’s is being billed as a well-kept secret for many Kosher consumers as its growers the items it carries.


Trader Joe’s a Well-Kept Secret for Many Kosher Consumers


It is no longer a secret that the large discount chains, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Trader Joe’s have bought into kosher in an extremely significant way.

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Many kosher consumers use these stores to buy specialty products and even to supplement their shopping lists at major supermarkets or independent kosher supermarkets.

But one chain, Trader’s Joe is being quietly heralded for going beyond the call of duty with its broad list of kosher products, its private label products that have kosher certification, and it fulfilling the demands of even a small group of kosher consumers.

Trader Joe’s also shows extreme sensitivity in the way it treats kosher certifications.

Trader Joe’s notes on its website and in a publication of its long list of kosher food products how it views kosher certification: “We sail the culinary seas in search of new and exciting products. How does this affect our kosher observant shoppers? Because our products span the globe, you may spot kosher symbols that you do not recognize.

“Our Kosher list was compiled to help you easily identify the wide range of kosher certified products that we carry in our stores. At the end of the product list, we have included an index of kosher hechshers (symbols) found on Trader Joe’s Products, so that you can become more familiar with the kosher certifier agencies that may not be from your neighborhood.”

One customer said that she finds some very unique items at her Trader Joe’s. She mentioned such items as Chocolate Babka, Organic Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar, Organic Mariani Mango, 100% White Whole Wheat Flour, Boneless Skinless Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon No Salt Added, Butternut Squash Soup, and Canola Oil Spray. It is some of these unique items that kosher shoppers like buying at Trader Joe’s, especially if it has a great hechsher.



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