Home News Travel warnings for dozens of countries, many global attacks folied

Travel warnings for dozens of countries, many global attacks folied

Travel warnings for dozens of countries, many global attacks folied
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National Security Council rises travel warnings for 80 countries in Europe, South America, Australia, and South Africa.

The National Security Council [NSC] announced that travel warnings have been raised to 80 countries in Europe, South America, Australia, and South Africa.

“Since the beginning of Operation Swords of Iron, the National Security Council (NSC) has been conducting ongoing situation assessments together with the Israeli security organizations. Consequently, an announcement was released to the public on November 3, 2023, listing recommendations for the conduct of Israelis abroad at this time, and emphasizing the threat in several countries. We then conducted an in-depth analysis of all countries and adjusted their threat levels accordingly,” the NSC stated.

As a result, the threat level in dozens of countries has been changed. The threat level for many countries in Western Europe (including the UK, France and Germany), South America (including Brazil and Argentina), as well as Australia and Russia, has been raised to level 2, with the recommendation to exercise increased precaution.

The NSC has “identified increased efforts by Iran and its proxies, including Hamas and Global Jihad factions, to harm Israeli and Jewish targets around the world. At the same time, there is a constant and significant rise in incitement, attempted attacks and manifestations of antisemitism in many countries.”

“The NSC reiterates and underlines its recommendation to weigh the essentiality of travel at this time. For Israeli citizens traveling abroad, we recommend choosing their destinations wisely, while exercising recommended precautionary measures wherever they are, and examining their conduct in light of the recommendations detailed in the NSC website and especially: Postponing travel to countries for which travel warnings have been issued, and particularly Arab and Middle Eastern countries, the North Caucasus, countries bordering Iran and several Muslim countries in Asia. Checking whether there have been anti-Israel protests and violence at the destination, even in countries for which no travel warnings have been issued. Staying away from demonstrations and protests. Remaining alert while abroad and being aware of things happening around you. Avoiding openly displaying your Israeli and Jewish identities and any relevant symbols and, and staying away from Israeli and Jewish gatherings. Finding out in advance the phone numbers for emergency services in the destination country and of the Israeli mission, if there is one.”

An NSC official said that the raising of the travel warnings in Europe “are unusual and stem from the significant resurgence in global jihad against the background of the war, as well as the Hanukkah holiday, during which there are major celebrations in the Jewish communities.”

“There is no problem celebrating Hanukkah events abroad – but in a country with a high level of threat where there is no security for the Hanukkah event, the situation is problematic,” said the source.

He noted that during the last two months, many terrorist attacks around the world have been foiled. “There has never been such a significant increase in the level of threats – certainly not in recent years. There is no terrorist in every corner, but it is necessary to take extra caution.”

According to him, “No country likes the level of the travel warning for it to rise. The scope of protests so far by countries in the world is low.”

Source: Arutz 7


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