Truly Inspiring! A Journey of Faith & Hope – A lecture with Mrs. Devorie Kreiman (Audio)


Some 100 people gathered at The Menachem Institute in Tarzana to hear a riveting, inspiring and thought-proving talk by Mrs. Devorie Krieman titled The Courage of Faith – The Power of Hope: Finding strength and meaning in seemingly insurmountable hardship.

Mrs. Kreiman shared her personal journey towards discovering strength and joy in the face of anguish and pain. The extraordinary challenges and losses she has faced, inspires us to overcome the impossible. That we can stand up and live our lives in the face of helplessness and deep sadness.

Her personal journey has led her to develop a “user friendly” understanding of the Torah approach to human resilience and growth.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Kreiman, wanted to let you know, like thousands of other people have told you as well, that you are the utmost inspiring and special lady I have ever met!! Your words of wisdom and encouragement are incredibly inspiring and truthfully shows strength beyond words can describe…Thank you soooooo much for sharing your wisdom and unfortunately painful experiences with all of us, so we can all grow with them as well!
    Shekoyach and may we ONLY celebrate Simchot together and may you and your family NEVER, EVER experience any more pain!!!!
    Gladys Gruen


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