Home News Tucker Carlson: ‘The mob’ is controlled by Democrats, and ‘this is their militia’

Tucker Carlson: ‘The mob’ is controlled by Democrats, and ‘this is their militia’

Tucker Carlson: ‘The mob’ is controlled by Democrats, and ‘this is their militia’
Statues and Monuments are being destroyed and defaced by rioters.

Tucker Carlson opened Tuesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” blasting liberal leaders for tolerating, if not supporting, the destruction of statues and historical monuments by far-left and anarchist protesters.

“How many stores and parks and statues and public buildings have been destroyed recently by rioters? How many churches and memorials and monuments to our fallen soldiers have been desecrated by them? Too many to count,” Carlson said. “Now ask yourself, how many people have been held accountable for these crimes? Some? A few? No, hardly any. Politicians applauded this destruction. Law enforcement has ignored it. Why is that exactly?

“Democratic politicians don’t fear the mob,” Carlson continued. “Why? Because they don’t need to. They control the mob. The mob operates with their permission. These are their foot soldiers. This is their militia. In unguarded moments, Democrats make it very clear that they know this.”

The host then connected protesters, Democrats and federal agencies, saying they were jointly responsible for the division and destruction in America.

“Career bureaucrats in the federal agencies support the Democratic Party. That means they support the mob as well. It’s their militia too,” he said. “Virtually every American power center now stands on one side of the political divide.

“What you’re watching in the streets is an attempt to crush the holdouts,” Carlson said. “Ask yourself who is being targeted for destruction right now? Anyone who’s not on board with their program.”

Carlson added that those groups “being targeted” include “local police departments, Orthodox Jews, gun owners, Fox News, NASCAR fans, traditional Christianity.

“That’s not a random assortment of institutions,” he said. “It’s the people standing in their way. There’s a reason that Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King yesterday called for the desecration of churches … None of this should surprise, as we should have seen it coming, it was obvious.”

Carlson concluded with a call for root-and-branch reform of America’s government agencies and elite institutions.

“We’ve known for 50 years that much of the poison in our society emanates from the universities. But we’ve done nothing whatsoever to fix that. We’ve continued to fund them,” he said. “No matter what they charge, we keep sending our children there”.

“We’ve known for years that the federal government’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies are dangerously corrupt,” the host went on. “There has been no meaningful reform of the CIA or the FBI or any of the other terrifyingly powerful agencies that operate independently from our democracy and on the side of the Democratic Party”.

“We know all this. We still pretend they’re legitimate. We dutifully send in our taxes every quarter to pay their salaries,” Carlson added.

“If there’s any good to come out of this moment, and we hope there is, it’s that we can no longer lie to ourselves about what is happening. Our institutions are not serving all of us equally. Some are actively trying to hurt us. When this is over, we need to do something about that, this time for real.”

(Fox News).




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