Twitter’s Dorsey Warns Inflation About To ‘Change Everything’


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is sounding the alarm that inflation in the United States is about to “change everything.”

In a tweet Friday, Dorsey warned the worst is yet to come.

“Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening,” he wrote.

Hyperinflation is when inflation — the increasing price of goods and services — rises uncontrollably for a period of time, triggered by an event that unexpectedly leads to a sudden increase or decrease in the supply of goods or services.

Dorsey’s warning comes after consumer price inflation rebounded in the wake of new disruptions to the supply chain that are triggering continued rising prices.

The Consumer Price Index, which measures a broad basket of consumer goods prices, increased at a 5.4% annual pace when including food and energy costs, the fastest in 30 years, CNBC reported.

The Federal Reserve’s preferred gauge, which measures personal consumption expenditures excluding food and energy, is at a 3.6% year over year pace — ahead of the central bank’s 2% target, CNBC noted.

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