URGENT: LA Eruv Shutdown Planned For The End Of September


The LA ERUV has exhausted its funds for management and maintenance of the
citywide eruv. The LA ERUV is planning to shut the eruv down at the end of this
month until we solidify ongoing funding and replenish our reserve accounts.

The LA ERUV needs your support. We are looking for families willing to take
personal responsibility for supporting the LA ERUV on an ongoing basis. The
time to offer your support for the LA ERUV is NOW. Please consider one of
the following methods:

Send a check to LA ERUV at 8950 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 179, Beverly Hills,
CA 90211;
Donate –one time or monthly -by credit card or PayPal at our website
LAERUV.com ; or Email  info@laeruv.com to arrange a donation personally.

Subcribe to The Jewish Link Eblast

We need over 100 families to take financial responsibility and invest in
this important and trusted community resource that will be there for you in
case of need. Please stand up to keep the LA ERUV Up! We need:

10 families to commit $10,000 per year
30 families to commit $2,000 per year
30 families to commit $1,000 per year
60 families to commit $500 per year

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