US Congress Lauds EFRAT’s Saving Lives Mission in Meetings with Dr. Eli Schussheim


Prominent members of the U.S. Congress expressed their admiration of EFRAT’s winning formula to save Israeli babies from abortion in circumstances to its founder Dr. Eli Schussheim. EFRAT steps in where the mother is facing a dilemma of whether to continue with her pregnancy, but does not feel financially or emotionally able to do so. Dr. Eli Schussheim, President of Israel’s Committee for the Rescue of Israel’s Babies-EFRAT, visited the Unites States and met in the Capitol with four Senators and nine members of the House of Representatives.

 Dr. Schussheim, a leading surgeon in Israel, who has dedicated his life’s work to EFRAT completely on a voluntary basis, focused his attention in all of his meetings on Capitol Hill to the work and effort his organization is devoted to in order to save lives of so many. EFRAT assists thousands of women annually who choose to continue their pregnancy with monthly food packages and basic baby equipment such as cribs, strollers, baby baths and layettes. With over 3,000 trained volunteers are constantly available to provide women facing an unwanted pregnancy with one-on-one counseling and emotional support backed by EFRAT’s assurance of physical assistance.

 Speaking with Senator Rob Portman, Dr. Schussheim addressed the many lives EFRAT had managed to save through its programs. The Senator expressed his deep appreciation and offered his support of expanding a similar approach to the U.S. and the world.

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 After a brief introduction by Dr. Schussheim about the work of EFRAT, Rep. Vicky Hartzler said, “It is so encouraging and inspiring the work you have done. I am so encouraged to know that you’re leading the charge in Israel and you are having success and we just need to multiply this in both our countries and around the world.”

Senator Mike Lee lauded the work being done by EFRAT and thanked Dr. Schussheim for the “great work.”

 “I commend you for what you are doing,” said Senator Lee. “Anything that encourages people to choose life over death is a good thing.”

 Rep. Steve Womack said, “We are very proud of the work of EFRAT, and Dr. Schussheim is just a tremendous example of the great work that is being performed by the organization. I’m very, very proud.”

“Thank you for your commitment,” said Senator Tim Scott after receiving a presentation by Dr. Schussheim. “When you think about the fact that over 56 Million folks haven’t stepped on soil because of their lost lives, here is an opportunity for us to take a positive stand and a strong position in protecting life.”

 In a lengthy sit down, Rep. Paul C. Broun alluded to the effort in stopping abortion, saying his first bill he introduced in Congress was ‘The Sanctity of Human Life Act,’ and is also the first bill Dr. Broun introduces each Congress. Dr. Broun who’s now a candidate for US Senate pledged to continue introducing the Human Life Act as the very first bill if he obtains that seat. “It is important for us to understand that life is precious and it is part of our Judea-Christian principles that has made this country so great, “he said.

 Rep. Broun also spoke about his love and deep connection to Israel. “I support Israel because of a promise that G-d made to Abraham – our father,” he told Dr. Schussheim.

 You are one of the few from your community that I’ve hear speak this way,” Senator Joe Manchin told Dr. Schussheim after a brief introduction. The senator who describes himself as pro-life expressed his willingness to visit EFRAT facilities when he visits Israel in the near future.

 Dr. Schussheim also met with Representatives John C. Fleming, Andy Harris, Joseph R. Pitts, Sean Duffy and Rob Woodall. Former Vice Presidential candidate and chairman of the House Budget Committee Rep. Paul Ryan also took time out of packed schedule to praise Dr. Schussheim and was visibly moved when he reviewed the photos of the children born because of EFRAT.

 Closing the spree of meetings was Representative Randy Weber who said the work of EFRAT cannot be put in words. “Saving lives is a G-d given instinct,” he said. EFRAT is making a real difference in the lives of real people.”

 At the various meetings on The Hill, Dr. Schussheim proudly stated that in all of his years running EFRAT, not a single woman has ever regretted having her child, each of whom was saved for a mere $1,800 worth of supplies and equipment. Since 1977 EFRAT saved the lives of over 50,000 Jewish children in Israel.

 EFRAT’s goal is to inform women faced with an unwanted pregnancy that there are choices. Not all unwanted pregnancies must end with an abortion.

 Since 1977, EFRAT has saved over 50,000 children. Through a combination of education and economic assistance, EFRAT has helped establish a new generation of Jewish families.

By Jacob Kornbluh



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