US Increases Missile Defense Aid to Israel To Record $705 Million


US Increases Missile Defense Aid to Israel To Record $705 Million

Written by Yona Schnitzer/TPS on March 26, 2018


The United States has increased its aid for Israel’s missile defense program to $705.8 million – an increase of $105 million over last year’s missile defense aid budget, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman revealed Monday.

“I am pleased and excited to announce that the US Congress has approved a record sum for Israel’s missile defense program,” Liberman said after US President Donald Trump signed off on a $1.3 trillion budget package that included the annual $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel. In addition, 2018 aid to Israel will also see  $47.5 million directed at developing joint anti-tunneling technologies, a $5 million increase over last year.

“This is the highest ever budget,” Lieberman said. “The money will be used for serialized production of Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow 3 interceptors and for the continued development of a multilayered defense array against future threats.”

“I thank our great friend the United States, which has invested $6.5 billion to defend the skies of the State of Israel. We are grateful for the assistance and the uncompromising commitment of the administration and Congress to Israel’s security. Tomorrow [Tuesday] in Jerusalem I will meet with a delegation of congressmen headed by Israel’s friend Nancy Pelosi, and will thank them personally,” the Defense Minister added.

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