Visit of freshman congressmen to IDF concludes

US Congressmen visit IDFIDF Spokesperson

Delegation tours Israel-Lebanon border, visits Arrow missile defense and Iron Dome batteries, and receives briefings on threats IDF faces.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 14/08/19 19:39

Today (Wednesday), August 14th, 2019 concluded the bipartisan delegation of the freshman US members of congress visit to the IDF.

The delegation included 160 members of members and their spouses, including Democratic and Republican members of Congress who were elected to the US House of Representatives during the past two years and make up 18 percent of the US House of Representatives.

The delegation was led by the Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D- MD) and Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R- CA).

During their visit to the IDF, the members of Congress attended briefings analyzing the threats that the IDF is facing in all arenas and the IDF’s capabilities in air, sea and on land.

The delegation toured the Israeli-Lebanese border and learned about the threat of Hezbollah’s attack tunnels and the success of operation “Northern Shield,” last December 2018

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The delegation also visited the “Arrow” missile defense system and the Iron Dome batteries, heard a briefing about the IAF’s advanced air defense systems and strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel.

“The visit of this delegation attests to the close relations between the two countries and aids in strengthening the IDF’s legitimacy in the world,” the IDF said, adding that the delegation’s visit is “a part of the actions taken in order to strengthen the IDF’s legitimacy worldwide.”


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